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Elixir Remote Debugging

By Emil Soman on November 22, 2017
Learn how to connect to a production Elixir node from the local shell and use the debugger GUI to set breakpoints and debug.
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Elixir/Phoenix deployments using Distillery

By Yuva on November 26, 2016
Deploy Elixir/Phoenix apps using Distillery plugin
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Understanding Exit Signals in Erlang/Elixir

By Emil Soman on February 29, 2016
Erlang is a powerful concurrent programming language that has Processes as a first class citizen. These are isolated by default. Just like in Unix, these processes can communicate using Signals. In this post we will see how to achieve that in Elixir.
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Visualizing Parallel Requests in Elixir

By Emil Soman on January 15, 2016
Elixir, built on the battle-tested Erlang VM, is a language that has concurrency as its core ideas. I will introduce a monitoring utility shipped with the VM that helps us visualize HTTP requests.
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